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jmdSolutions Business Solution Group is aware of the potential pitfalls of large IT or ERP projects: project cost overruns, the wrong software for your business, lack of Return on Investment, or business case justification during the planning phase. Whatever the problem, such a project can be a financial and business disaster if it isn't planned effectively.

The success of your complex IT or ERP project is actually determined in the project planning phases before you ever start developing software for your organization. Unfortunately, many companies rush through the planning process and don't take the time or have the expertise to develop an effective plan for your system deployment.

Fortunately, JMD Business Solution Group can help you with our consultants qualified to:

Develop business requirements and future business processes that are unique to your business and aligned with your strategic objectives

Guide you through the IT / ERP vendor selection process by using a thorough and proven selection approach, but based on your unique business needs

Create business case, justification, and Return on Investment scenarios to determine the most feasible approach (including whether or not ERP is right for you)

Develop an organizational change management, communications, and training plan to ensure the system is adopted by end-users

Define and plan for high-value process improvement areas where your IT / ERP system will difenetly improve your business

Develop an IT / ERP Benefits Realization Plan to ensure you get the most measurable value possible for your investment

Define your go-forward implementation strategy and project plan, including internal and external resource identification and deployment, project budgeting, contract negotiations, and quality assurance (QA) planning

Implement an effective Project Business Solution (PBS) infrastructure to ensure project costs and resources are managed effectively

Perhaps most importantly, JMDSolutions consultants are technology-independent and perform technical implementation services. In other words, we help you choose the solution that is best for you rather than a solution that will lead us to a large technical implementation contract.



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