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  ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an industry term for the broad set of activities supported by multi-module application software that helps a manufacturer or any other enterprise manage its business processes including planning of production, inventory maintenance, interacting with suppliers, customer care and tracking of orders. ERP also includes application modules for finance and human resources. Typically, an ERP system uses or is integrated with a relational database system. The deployment of an ERP system can involve considerable business process analysis, employee retraining, and new work procedures.

ERP integrates all the departments and processes of a business enterprise. It helps achieve the goals of the business without losing the attention to the needs of each department/process.

JMDSolutions is dedicated to design 100% customized ERP solution for its customer organizations by facilitating:

  • Cost reduction in terms of Manpower, Operational cost, Paper work, etc…
  • Increase the reliability.
  • Increasing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Help arrive at decisions that further the growth of the organization.

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