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ERP Solutions

    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an industry term for the broad set of activities supported by multi-module application software that helps a manufacturer or any other enterprise manage its business processes including planning of production, inventory maintenance, interacting with suppliers, customer care and tracking of orders Read More

CRM Solutions

    The challenge lies in building and retaining customer loyalty in the modern economy. We at JMDSolutions offer the Impel On-Demand CRM from PK4 Software Technologies Pvt Ltd. that integrates sales, marketing and service components of your business. Our CRM software solution enables staff and management Read More

IT Service

    We provide Staffing and Recruitment services. An organization is as good as it’s resources. The success of any project depends on the skill-set and proficiency of the human resources involved. Assigning the appropriate resources with the required knowledge pool for the appropriate task, is the challenge before any Human Resources Professional.
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RFID Solutions

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an automatic way to collect information about a product, place, time or transaction quickly and without human error. It provides a contact less data link, without the need for line of sight or concerns about harsh or dirty environments that restrict other auto ID technology such as Bar
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CCTV Solutions

    CCTV (Close Circuit Tele Vision) is an automatic way to collect information on all types of man and material movement within a premise. Video cameras are either analogue or digital, which means that they work on the basis of sending analogue or digital signals to a storage device such as a video tape recorder or desktop computer or laptop computer. It can produce images or recordings for surveillance purposes.
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