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The challenge lies in building and retaining customer loyalty in the modern economy. We at JMD Solutions offer the Impel On-Demand CRM from PK4 Software Technologies Pvt Ltd. that integrates sales, marketing and service components of your business. Our CRM software solution enables staff and management collaboration that delivers superior service along each step of the customer lifecycle.
But that’s not why you need to work with JMDSolutions Partners -- our real value to you is that we get you up and running with your Impel CRM solutions quickly, painlessly and flexibly. We work with you to determine what the most important and fixable needs are, implement those and develop a plan to further integrate Impel CRM in precisely the way that makes sense for your business. We understand that your small business CRM software is supposed to work for you, not the other way around.
All CRM adoption experience and research show how important it is to involve your employees in the process, and, with years of CRM experience, we know how to do it. We have significant experience in management and execution of sales, marketing and support functions and processes, so we can help you make the transition to CRM in a realistic fashion.

CRM for SMBs

Simple CRM? Web based CRM? Affordable CRM? We’ll make it happen. We will economically tailor your Impel CRM solution to meet your unique business requirements. Whether list and data-population configuration, or to integrate your Impel CRM system with your accounting system, or with complex business processes and external data and applications, JMDSolutions will get done economically. With a variety of functional extensions including complex quoting, lead management, email marketing, reminders, Marketing automation, customer Support , Mobile support and reporting, we can meet your business needs very quickly.
Our CRM solution will give your employees and customers access in the best way to get the job done: whether simple network access, webbased CRM including a customer portal, wireless contact access on cell phones, or the Impel CRM Mobile solution for Blackberrys and PocketPCs, our Impel CRM can be accessed anywhere and anytime. We make it possible for small and midsized businesses to choose a CRM software solution that fits their exact business needs today.
A sales tracking software solution – a web-based CRM, or a sophisticated solution, Impel is the right choice. With an integrated sales, marketing, customer support and other functionalities—Impel can drive your sales higher. Customer satisfaction is within your grasp. For more information call JMDSolutions today. (www.jmdsolutions.co.in)

Impel CRM brings small business CRM software solutions to your business. Call JMDSolutions Partners to find out how easy a CRM software solution can be, and how much it can do for you!


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