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This module will include the following functionalities:

  • Stock / inventory maintenance.
  • Dealer / supplier / Customer master maintenance.
  • Order maintenance.
  • Opening and closing stock as well as stock ledger maintenance.
  • Inter organization / inter division stock transfer.
  • Various user customized reports.
  • A utility containing various user friendly and effective tools.

The Benefits of Inventory Module are as follows:

  • Reduces Inventory cost.
  • Brings down the Inventory caring cost.
  • Reduces the working cost.
  • Shortens the execution time.
  • Enhances the management control power with various reports.
  • Improved data confidentiality.
  • Increase the efficiency.
  • Increase ISO9002 compatibility.
  • Better Inventory / Stock control.
  • Better data base management related to Customer & Dealer.
  • Better Order management.



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